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High paying Degree Jobs that you can choose a best course

High paying Degree Jobs that you can choose a best course

While it is true that many high paying jobs require a formal graduate degree from a good university, it is also true that there are a variety of good paying jobs out there that require no mandatory college education according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Six figure salaries for these jobs are not impossible if you are the master in the chosen field of interest.



    • This job involves training people in maintaining a proper air traffic system and has an annual income of around 90,000$. A college degree in this sector is not mandatory.
    • The job can be very challenging and stressful, so outstanding decision-making skills are an important requisite.
    • Excellent communication and memory skills are necessary personal traits in such a sector, and these officers must clear rigorous medical requirements to be eligible for the job.

    • Job growth outlook is very positive for next 10 years.
    • You don’t need a degree but you need to have a license (and associate’s degree).
    • Median pay is around $74,000.

    • This job involves the advertisement, marketing, and selling of a clients property at good rates.
    • Such jobs require minimal educational qualifications followed by certification programs in Real estate management for obtaining a state license.
    • Pay-scales are around 50,000$ per year, and the job-related skills can be perfected during the training period.
    • How much you earn entirely depends on how well you can sell. Most properties come with their commissions. So the more you sell, the more you will make.

    • These jobs hit the bull’s eye for individuals without a degree but with ambitions of high pay. All it requires is an internet connection, and voila you can work from any place and at your time of convenience.
    • Most of the web surfer jobs require an online examination conducted by the employer to test if the particular individual is genuinely interested and whether he possesses the flair needed for that particular job.
    • Various positions are available ranging from web designing, content writing, Graphics engineering, digital marketing, SEO Specialist etc and they bring in a good annual income of around $40,000-$70,000.

Many occupations such as Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists and nuclear power plant operators require only a high school education to be admitted into certificate non-degree programs and are followed by secure jobs with a good pay scale. The rest of the necessary skills and traits to be a pro in the chosen field can be obtained through training and experience.


  • Investigate and put together a list of jobs that match your interest.
  • Connect and talk to people in that particular sector and weigh the pros and cons of each job.
  • Analyze the future of a particular field before choosing it. The nature of the job, work environment and salary must be carefully considered before making a decision.
  • In the case of certificate non-degree programs, choose carefully the schools offering the training. The current students and alumni will help to give a clear picture of the school, its program, and the placement percentage.
  • Lot of these jobs required to have some work experience, it’s better if you have a plan like if you complete certificate do you know someone who can help you to get on-site training? That will make a big difference!

Obtaining good paying jobs without a formal degree is not impossible, but neither is it a cakewalk. A lot of research and analysis must be done before opting for a particular field. With more experience comes a better job accuracy and higher salaries

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